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Gyan Vitaranam Essay Competition is a comprehensive hub for students who are looking to sharpen their intellectual and language skills in a competitive way. The website is exclusively built and designed for students from 7th grade to post-graduation to express their fresh, vivid and often beautiful thoughts in a smart and rewarding style.

Gyan Vitaranam Essay Competition is a part of Gyan Vitaranam educational magazine providing in-depth knowledge ranging from social and economic affairs to nature, culture and media. The magazine which is published monthly also features information on various scholarship and career opportunities to stand as a helping material for the youth in India. Gyan Vitaranam Essay Competition can be considered as an extension of the effort to empower young India by providing a platform for those who are good at expressing their ideas and intellect through words.

We have put our greatest minds to make this concept into a reality, as Gyan Vitaranam Essay Competition website. It provides Premium and free competitions to make it more accessible to students across the nation. An independent, permanent judging panel which includes dignitaries from various domains in our society to review and find the best essay.

As a student on submitting an essay, you are putting effort to present your skills, get it featured on our other platforms and win exciting prizes. What are you waiting for, register now!

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